Baby Booties

January 3, 2013 - Less than a minute read


These cute baby booties are quick and super easy to knit. The original pattern was taken from Bernat’s website, but I had to make it bigger for my baby.

Here’s the pattern if you wanna try it out:

Needle: US 7 (4.5 mm)

Worsted Weight yarn

I didn’t really have a gauge! :/

CO 32
Knit for 12 rows
Row 13: K14; k2tog; k2tog; K14
Row 14: K across
Row 15: K13; k2tog; k2tog; K13
Row 16: K across
Row 17: K12; k2tog; k2tog; K12
Row 18: K across

You should have 26 stitches left.

Work in 1×1 rib for 11 rows.
Bind off leaving about 15 inch tail to seam bootie.
Fold in half and seam sides.

Make 2, of course! =)

Knit it Out!

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