Loopy Mango

September 20, 2013 - 1 minute read


Haven’t been here for a while êh! Well, I’ve been busy with work, house, husband, daughter and finally myself. Although those things have never actually stopped me from knitting. I’ve joined a Knitting group, attended once and have been trying to go back since, but so far… attempt failed. I’m here though to share an amazing, however, expensive, but still super amazing Etsy shop I came to the other day. It’s Loopy Mango, from NY, don’t know if you guys have ever heard about them. Great shop. They have giant needles, hooks, and super super super super chuncky yarn!!! My heart went crazy, but my pocket cried! They sell kits with yarn, needles, pattern and a big knitting bag for about and over 200 bucks. Ouch! says my chest. I’ve kinda given the hint to my husband that I would LOVE something like this for a birthday or christmas or whatever day!!

Anyways, to check this precious out, come here.

Happy Yarn shopping everyone!

Knit The Hell Out!

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