A designer’s frustration

March 20, 2017 - 2 minutes read

designI love to design, as I imagine all designers do, but there’s some phenomena that happens when some project or yarn, or both, is cursed. Seriously, true story. I’ve been working on my second book (yay), and so far so good (awesome even), but I’m, right now, going through a bit of a nightmare with one of them. I’ve designed a cowl, made a swatch, cast on, knitted the whole thing, and it turned out, let’s say, a bit weird. No one really enjoys frogging a whole project, specially if you are on a tight schedule for a book. However, there I was, changing the whole thing.

Fine, let’s redo the blessed cowl (not to say something else). So I started to do some research and gather some inspirations on Ravelry. I went through my stitch dictionary to find a nice lacy pattern to work on it. Tried a few on them on a swatch and it just wasn’t right.

So I finally found something nice and not too complicated. The whole goal of this pattern is to be accessible for all knitters. So as a sane knitter, I made a swatch, blocked, got my gauge. Cast on, started knitting, ops, something is wrong. I was sure I had the right number of stitches. Nope, try again. Cast on, start knitting, now it’s right, ops, got my pattern wrong. By that time I was thinking: “Have I gone crazy or something? Am I brain dead?”. Well, almost, I was just out of it for some reason. I then kept going, trying to keep my calm and happiness. Nothing is worse than making something with bad energy. So I took a small break, got my stuff together, and came back with fresh eyes.

Things are progressing well now, but it’s truly frustrating when you have these weird things happening with you. I love my life and I love to design new things, even the challenges that comes with it, we hate the cursed projects but at the same time love to solve them and always make them better.

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