A knitwear design company that brings style, sofistication and passion to the knitting world. I fell in love with this practice a few years ago and right from the start knitting took over my life. I went from a simple, small and horribly done scarf to more complex and intricate designs such as lace, cables and other advanced techniques. Surely, it didn’t take me long to want to become a knitwear designer. Having an artistic vein since birth, it was my call to make this type of work my life. I absolutely love every single thing about knitting, even the math behind it. It has become my passion, my therapy, a way for my artistic being to express itself. Everything I do here is inspired by the moments and phases I go through and, like a painter expresses his feelings on a blank canvas, I work my emotions with two needles and soft yarn. Knitting for me is Art, it’s gotta be expressed from the heart and with the soul. This is why I do it, this is how I deal with it. I hope my work is appreciated, enjoyed, and inspires others to follow their hearts and do what they love, the same way I have and continue doing. I welcome you into my life and my passion for this world. Please come in and enjoy yourself, bring your perspective and share your thoughts. Let’s build a beautiful community.


Raquel Oliveira
Founder of Knit It Out & Knitwear Designer