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March 6, 2017 - 2 minutes read


If you are like me, you are crazy about yarn and even crazier about great deals, right? Right! So check this out. All of you, followers of my blog can now enjoy 20% off your first month of subscription for Knitcrate. YAY!!

This month I got my 2 boxes: One with 3 gorgeous Merino wool skeins that I simply couldn’t stop touching, a pattern for a purse (that actually had 2 versions of it, so 2 in 1!), coupon codes and a sweet lavender heart shaped bath bomb!

The other box was the sock crate. I confess I’ve never been the sock type of knitter, but it’s one of the gazillion things I want to start doing soon. Having a skein and a pattern already in hand is certainly increasing the chances of this happening sooner than expected. I actually cannot wait to cast on!

So if you have never heard of this club, let’s get right at it!

Knitcrate is a subscription yarn club that sends you amazing yarn and patterns for the yarn, coupon codes and usually a lovely little something like bath bombs that smells like heaven! I got my boxes and was surprised with the love in it. Merino wool skeins, patterns, and so much care in a box. It’s so good when we can cast on a project right away.

So here is how it all works:

You pretty much choose the crate you want, the monthly plan and you are good to go.

Knitcrate has also sock and crochet crates!!! How awesome is that?

So to get your 20% off your first month of subscription, please click here and use the coupon code: KO20

Good luck and Happy Knitting (or Crocheting) everyone!

I truly hope you enjoy opening a surprise box and have the joy to cast on right away!

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