The end of a busy year!

November 30, 2015 - 1 minute read

Yep, the end of the year is approaching quite fast and there’s just so much that happened. This year I decided to go all the way with becoming a full time knitwear designer and teacher. Since I lost my job I’ve been working hard on patterns, video tutorials, a great partnership with both Tin Can Knits and Rainbow Heirloom, big projects and even my first book (about to be published). It’s certainly been a hell of a year. It’s great to feel accomplished and have a whole big list of projects for the following year. This Saturday I’ll be participating on a first Christmas Market here in Squamish with my patterns and knitting kits. I’m grateful for being able to work on my dreams and have a powerful return from people and supporters. So many people stepped up to help me on different things, from building me this website, to giving me the whole scoop of how self publishing works, creating¬†a mascote and even to help me with social media and marketing. I’m blessed and don’t want to take this for granted. I hope 2016 is full of new adventures and lots of great patterns.

I hope you all had an amazing year too with great knitting and lots of soft yarn!

Happy Knitting everyone!

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